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2020 Chilliwack Flight Fest Airshow

Press Release – February 21 2020

Dear Chilliwack,

We, the Chilliwack Flight Fest Society, are in desperate need of your help. As you know, in 2017 we didn’t have an airshow for the first time in 25 years due to lack of funding and lack of volunteers. We as an organization were chastised online for it because we didn’t put out a big enough call for help. Well this is it; WE NEED HELP. A small group of core volunteers have struggled through to bring back the airshow for the past two years and we cannot do it, as is, any longer. We need active volunteers to help from the beginning until the end. That’s November through August to help organize and run the airshow. Our core group of volunteers all have more things to do and organize than they can handle and if we do not get more volunteers to commit to helping, we will not have a show in 2020. We repeat, if we do not get more people who can actively help and commit to helping for the rest of the year, out to our meeting on March 11th, the Chilliwack Flight Fest will be cancelled indefinitely.

Additionally, this is not our only problem; we need funding. We do the best we can to secure sponsorships and we thank those individuals and businesses who have supported us over the years but we do this solely for the people and families of Chilliwack. We will not charge for admission because we want this event to be available to every single member of the community. Every year, sponsorship goes down. Every year, costs go up. Therefore, we are asking the community of Chilliwack, please help us continue to put this event on. The City graciously supports us with fencing, garbage cans, etc to our event but we have now provided a free event for 27 years for the community of Chilliwack and we ask that you help us financially to continue to do so.

Again, this is our last and final call to volunteers to help from November through August organizing the event. Otherwise, the Chilliwack Flight Fest will be put to rest and we will step away from it after 27 years. We have exhausted every other option. You do not need to have aircraft or airshow knowledge, there are plenty of areas of expertise including, administration, marketing, parking, security, hospitality, volunteers, grounds, etc. If you have a desire for this event to continue and can commit to helping organize throughout the year, please come to our meeting on March 11th at 7pm at the Chilliwack Flying Club. We hope to see Chilliwack there.

-The Chilliwack Flight Fest Society



March 11 2020 – 7 PM

46200 Airport Road

Welcome to the Chilliwack Airshow

Celebrating it’s 27th Year. One of the few FREE admission Airshows in North America, possibly the longest running consecutive FREE admission airshow in Canada, if not North America.


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