2016 Chilliwack Airshow Performers

The Chilliwack Airshow organizing committee  are excited to bring New & Returning Performers to the 2016 Chilliwack Airshow. Helping us celebrate 25 years of providing a FREE admission Airshow to the Residents of the City of Chilliwack and surrounding areas.
All made possible by the support of our sponsors and the Dedication of our Volunteers

Erickson Aircraft Collection Corsair F4U-7

We are Thrilled and excited to have the Corsair F4U-7  from the Erickson Air Collection in Madras, Oregon join the list of Performers at the 2016 Chilliwack Airshow. 
The Museum’s Corsair is an F4U-7, one of the rarest surviving variants from the last of 94 built in 1952 exclusively for use by the French Navy. It saw combat in the Indo-China War in 1953-54, the Suez Canal War in 1956 and later in the Algerian War. Taken from combat service in 1963, it was flown to England where reconstruction began in 1974 to include rebuilding extensive damage forward of the firewall and repairs to three bullet holes in the fuselage. Restored to its original French markings with invasion stripes which it sported in the Suez War, it was repainted to the Marines’ colors after its acquisition by the museum in 1994. 

Ericson Air Collection
Granley Family Airshows

Granley Family Airshows

The YAK’S are back. Flying has been a part of Bud’s life since he was 9 years old. He and his brothers were playing when they saw a Tiger Moth biplane glide to a landing on their uncle’s farm. They ran to see the plane, and were amazed to find that their Dad was the pilot. He had secretly earned his flying license. Bud and his two brothers were hooked on aviation after that. Their father made a career of flying, and saw his three children begin their lives in aviation. Ross Granley comes from a large family of pilots that include grandparents, uncles, parents, cousins, brothers, and sister Deb, and wife,Shari.He was born in Red Deer, Alberta Canada in 1963, A Royal Canadian Air Force base, where his father was instructing on the Harvard/T-6. The Yak dual show performed with Buds son,Ross, gets everyone’s attention.
The common comments are: “unbelievable”or,”we may not watch everyone,but we always watch you guys”.

Brent Handy Aerobatics

Excitement is in the Air !!! Brent Handy is a surface rated high-performance solo aerobatic and formation pilot, who performs at air shows across Canada and the US. Born in Wyevale, Ontario, Brent longed to fly from an early age, and he joined the Royal Canadian Air Cadets as soon as he could. Later, he got his glider wings, and then his private pilot license. In 2007, Brent moved to Cold Lake, Alberta to train on the CF-18 Hornet and at the age of 27, he became a CF-18 fighter pilot with 409 Squadron. In 2011, he was invited to join 431 Air Demonstration Squadron – the Snowbirds, Brent flew the Opposing & Lead Solo positions, logging more than 150 performances during his two years with the famous nine-plane jet team. He entertained crowds across North America until the end of the 2013 season, then stayed on with the team, flying as a standards pilot. Brent’s passion for aerobatics drove him to pursue sport aerobatics, and he purchased a beautiful, classic red and white Pitts S2-B in 2013. His solo aerobatics career launched in 2014, debuting at the Peace Regional Airshow in Peace River, Alberta.

Brent Handy Aerobatics
Geoff Latter Airshows

Geoff Latter Airshows

Geoff thrills audiences with an aerial ballet demonstrating the graceful and elegant flying qualities of Nancy, a fully restored Nanchang CJ-6A from the Peoples Liberation Army Air Force.  Step back in time and listen to the classic sound of a round engine.  Audiences of all ages enjoy the look and noise of this unique aircraft, as well as the graceful lines in the sky that are created by the smoke system.When not flying the display, Geoff Latter is interactive with the air show guests as he answers questions, signs autographs, takes pictures, and connects with fans, young and old. 

North American P-51 Mustang

The classic P-51 Mustang is one of the greatest success stories of military aviation. Originally designed for Great Britain, the North American fighter was adopted by the U.S. Army Air Force and upgraded with the powerful, reliable Rolls-Royce Merlin which powered the Supermarine Spitfire. With altitude, range, and performance, the Merlin Mustang became a world beater.

The Erickson Aircraft Collections P-51D Mustang was built under license to North American in 1944 by Australia’s Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) in Melbourne, Australia. The aircraft participated in Atomic Bomb testing by the Australians after WW II and served 10 years as a target tow plane before falling into private ownership, being acquired by the museum in 1983.

Erickson Aircraft Collection P51
Yellow Thunder Harvard Formation Team


Performing for the First time at the Chilliwack Airshow, Alberta Brothers David and Drew Watson make up the Yellow Thunder Harvard Formation Team, showcasing their dual and solo aerobatic skills. David grew up in Edmonton, Alberta and after moving through Toronto and Calgary, now resides in Beaumont, Alberta. David is a business owner of which he begain with his father over 20 years ago. Today he flies purely for recreation; he enjoys the discipline and skill required for aerobatic and formation flying.Drew purchased his first airplane, a Fleet Canuck, in 2000 and obtained his private pilot license in this airplane in 2002. Within two years, and a whole lot of practice, Drew was checked out in his father’s Harvard, now owned by his brother, David. Drew purchased his Harvard in 2002 from a family friend and used this airplane to get his commercial license shortly thereafter. More recently, Drew obtained his multi-engine and multi-instrument rating and uses these endorsements to fly as a relief pilot for a construction company in central Alberta.

Canadian Museum of Flight

The Museum has offered to bring over some of the old aircraft for demo, The Canadian Museum of Flight is a non-profit, volunteer-driven museum dedicated to restoring, preserving and showcasing Canada’s rich aviation heritage. In the early 1970’s, a group of aviation enthusiasts made a move to stop the exodus of historic aircraft leaving Canada for the U.S. and Europe. This group pooled their resources, to acquire as many of these aircraft as possible. The Canadian Museum of Flight and Transportation was incorporated, as a non-profit society, in March 1977 and was given the authority to issue tax-deductible receipts for donations. The Museum was located on Crescent Road in Surrey, British Columbia. In 1996 the Museum moved to the Langley Airport. In the spring of 1998, the Museum legally changed its name to the Canadian Museum of Flight Association.

Canadian Museum of Flight
Mrazek Airshows

Mrazek Airshows

Veteran airshow pilot and performer John Mrazek along with his Harvard Mark IV, “Pussycat II,” will dazzle audiences, spectators, or anyone watching with a spectacular aerial ballet.  With lots of noise, smoke, and skill, John’s aerobatic performance will bring the entire airshow crowd to a standstill. John is a well known aerobatic airshow performer with over twenty five years experience flying the airshow circuit.  When John is not flying airshows, he is instructing in the art of aerobatics, formation flying, and float flying.  John also acts as an ICAS approved Airshow Certificate Evaluator.

Rock and Roll Airshow Man – Will Allen

Get ready for a different kind of performance as Will Allen, the “Rock n Roll Airshow Man”, puts on a show that is a combination aerial display and rock concert! Using state of the art broadcasting equipment, Will is able to sing and announce live from the airplane in a way never done before. Flying to his custom-written soundtrack, he sings and interacts with the crowd, giving the feel of a lead singer getting the crowd on their feet at a concert. All of this is precisely timed to the flying by his team on the ground, controlling their specialized equipment. You will want to be up front and by the speakers for this show so you can get up and cheer as the Rock n Roll crew launch T-shirts into the crowd!
Will has finally put together music and flying, the two biggest passions in his life, into one big theatrical production so we hope you will get up on your feet and enjoy the show and if it makes you dance a little then we’ve done our job!

Will Allen Airshows
Will Allen Airshows

Peter Herzig & his T28 Trojan

Peter lives locally in White Rock and has been flying for 50 years starting at 15 years old on gliders and then completing his private license scholarship as well with the Air Cadet program. Peter over the years obtained his commercial license and developed a passion for aerobatic competition which saw him obtain his aerobatic instructor rating and go on to fly international competitions. Peter competed initially in a Christian Eagle,  Extra 300 and a Pitts Special, Eventually moving up to international competition in his beautiful Sukhoi 26MX until he retired about 10 years ago.  He does however remain actively involved in coaching international aerobatics.
Since retiring from competitive aerobatics Peter has become an active component of the historic Warbird movement.  He is a member of the Commemorative Air Force, North American Trainer Association, Cascade Warm birds and the T-28 Trojan movement.
“I always had a penchant for Warbirds so I went looking for the biggest noisiest one that would fit my budget.”   When I met the T-28 out went the budget.
The T-28 offers a completely different type of aerobatics to competition and “keeps you humble” when trying to toss 4 tons around.  It is very rare that you see Warbirds of this size presenting a formal aerobatic show routine.

Showline Air Services

Showline Airshow Services directed their first show in 1992 and has since has been involved as Event Consultants, Air Operations Director, and Air Boss at airshows in both Canada and the United States. Showline is able to provide the experience drawn from the aviation and event professionals that make up the company. Donna has completed over 350 show and media days at over 35 sites in Canada and the United States. She has worked with all the North American jet and skydiving teams. The team is fully insured and self-contained with communication equipment and logistic support. They are experienced with directing aviation events within concurrent commercial operations and at military airfields. Ramp Crews are also available through Showline! They will manage all your ground aircraft movements to ensure that safety requirements and performer needs are met.

Showline Airshow Services

Ric Peterson  Airshow Announcer

More than just an Air Show Announcer and were Pleased to bring him back and help us with our 25th Anniversary. Ric Peterson is an award winning broadcast journalist. A radio / TV host for over 30 years, he is also the voice of Fleet Week San Francisco, the Los Angeles County and California Capital Air Shows as well as The Canadian National International Air Show in Toronto, Friendship Day MCAS Iwakuni Japan and the Sanicole Airshow in Belgium. He’s been announcing at over 100 such events the past 26 years. Ric is also an honorary member of the Canadian Forces Snowbirds Jet Demonstration Team. He has written and narrated several television documentaries on aviation and is very active on the web allowing air show fans to follow his travels and get an insider’s view of these exciting events.