2022 Chilliwack Airshow Performers

The Chilliwack Airshow organizing committee are excited to bring New & Returning Performers to the 2022 Chilliwack Flight Fest. Helping us celebrate 28 years of providing a FREE admission Airshow to the Residents of the City of Chilliwack and surrounding areas.
All made possible by the support of our sponsors and the dedication of our Volunteers.

SBD Dauntless

Although eventually the most important dive-bomber flown by any combatant during WWII, the Dauntless began its combat career as a mediocre dive-bomber considered to be obsolete even before the United States entered the war. But for the US Navy it was the principal carrier based dive-bomber in early World War II. This was the only U.S. aircraft to participate in all five naval engagements that were fought exclusively between aircraft carriers. Despite having been marked for retirement, the Dauntless sank more enemy shipping during 1942 than all other aircraft combined. In May of that year, SBD pilots from U.S. carriers were credited with 40 of the 91 enemy aircraft lost during the Battle of the Coral Sea. A month later, at Midway, SBDs sank three Japanese carriers and put another out of action. Their own attrition rate was the lowest of any carrier aircraft in the Pacific, due largely to an outstanding ability to absorb battle damage. Most importantly, the “Slow-But-Deadly” SBD destroyed the cream of the Japanese aircraft carrier fleet during the Battle of Midway. Considered to be the turning point in the Pacific War, it was credited with every confirmed hit on the enemy fleet. Ordered by the Navy in 1939, the first SBDs were delivered to the Marines and Navy carrier units in 1941. Some were produced for the Army as the A-24 Banshee. It also served with the British Royal Navy. Overall production of the Dauntless amounted to 5,936, yet the museum’s SBD is one of only a few surviving.

Canadian Museum of Flight

Based out of Langley, the Canadian Museum of Flight is a non-profit, volunteer-driven museum dedicated to restoring, preserving and showcasing Canada’s rich aviation heritage.
We could not be more excited to have some of their amazing aircraft part of this year’s Chilliwack Flight Fest!



Kyle Fowler

Kyle Fowler began following in his father’s footsteps at a very young age. Looking to his father, Ken Fowler of Team Rocket, as his role model, Kyle moved forward with his dreams of becoming an Aerobatic Pilot by the age of 12, announcing his father’s performance at several Airshows. Then at the age of 21, his dreams began to manifest. Kyle obtained his Private Pilot’s License, with Eric Hansen of Team Rocket, as his flight instructor, and began his journey toward his Airshow career.
In 2015, Kyle dedicated his time to evolving as a pilot and completed his Commercial Pilot’s License. This opened more doorways and drove Kyle to complete his Commercial Multi IFR Rating the same year.
Currently, Kyle successfully manages his aviation time between flying a PA-31 Navajo Chieftain, a Kodiak and his unique 1986 Long EZ. When he is not evolving as a pilot, Kyle divides his time between his love of airshows, and his pride and joy, his family. Kyle’s family is incredibly proud of his accomplishments and will always be his biggest fans.


Richard Mrazek

Joining John in the sky is his son Richard Mrazek. Watch in amazement as Richard awes the crowd gracefully performing in his Yakovlev 18T.


Mike Tryggvason

Mike Tryggvason is a Canadian competition aerobatic and airshow pilot with more than 5000 hours of total flight time. He works at a major airline as a pilot and instructor, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Western Ontario.

Mike is based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and currently flies a Giles 202 in airshows and Advanced competition.

His group, 10g Aerosports, strives to promote and inspire the next generation of aviators across Canada and the USA.


John Mrazek

John is a veteran airshow performer and he is bringing the smoke and noise to Chilliwack this year! When John is not flying airshows he is instructing in the art of aerobatics, formation flying, and acts as an ICAS approved Airshow Certificate Evaluator.

Ross Granley

In our past 26 years, there have been only a couple of shows that have not had a Granley presence and we could not be happier to announce that this year will be no different!!

Featured in the television series “Airshow”, you won’t want to miss Ross in his white Yak 18T as he wows the audience right from the second he takes to the sky.

Ross is a former Royal Canadian Air Force pilot and is one of the most respected and idolized pilots in the airshow industry!

We’re beyond excited to welcome Ross Granley back to the skies of Chilliwack!


Roy Hafeli

Roy Hafeli
When it comes to airshows Roy Hafeli is a name you will know. Roy is a airshow veteran and has narrated airshows from Abbotsford, to the Reno Air Races and Madras, Oregon to name just a few.
We’re proud to have Roy as the voice of the 2022 Chilliwack Flight Fest!


Showline Airshow Services

Showline Airshow Services directed their first show in 1992 and has since has been involved as Event Consultants, Air Operations Director, and Air Boss at airshows in both Canada and the United States. Showline is able to provide the experience drawn from the aviation and event professionals that make up the company.

Showline Airshow Services